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Patterns for lingerie?

September 11, 2012

I’ve seen different patterns for lingerie but nothing that I’m looking for. Heres an idea. Its an all in one girdle i think. I’m trying to find similar patterns (whether it be bras, girdles…etc) But if you have one for an all in one then thats the best. Can you help me out?

  1. I always call that a corselette although I don’t know if it’s the right term. You could try Foundations Revealed, a sewing website dedicated to lingerie and undergarments. I believe a gentleman did a walk through for drafting your own pattern for these, then altering it for girdles, merry widows, longline bras etc. It is a pay site, but if I remember rightly there is the option for a free trial.

  2. A book called Vintage Lingerie, Historical patterns and techniques by Jill Salen has plenty of patterns including a corselet dated 1950. They are graph patterns and only limited instructions however.

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