my new baby!

I have been looking for a dress form for awhile now.  The big problem, my budget.  Then this week I thought I would check craigslist, just for the heck of it.  And I found one!

And it adjusts to my size (ok I may have to add some padding to the middle bits)!  It’s hard pink plastic, that needs a bit of a wash with some white vinegar as it still has that “farm fresh” smell.  But other than that, it’s perfect!  Now all she needs is a name.  So I’m hoping to enlist some help from other WeSewRetro’ers.  Check out my blog for more details.

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  • Carole Ann 😉

  • Betsy?

  • Lucky you! How about Gertie?

  • Rose?

    This kind of form is a great candidate for a jersey slipcover. It’d give you something to pin into, keep unfinished pieces from sliding off, and help hold any padding in place, not to mention bridge the (rather large) gaps.

  • Pinky Lee

  • Thanks for all the name ideas! You should really post them over on my blog…hint hint…

    Jessamyn – I’m totally going to make a slipcover for her! But right now we’re just hanging out together, watching movies, and eating popcorn… well I’m the one eating the popcorn


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