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Lutterloh find

September 30, 2012


I was browsing the local Goodwill in the craft section when I happened upon a box that caught my eye. I had heard about the Lutterloh system many years ago and had forgotten about it, but the box was intriguing. I looked inside and saw all the lovely illustrations for patterns but I didn’t know if I wanted to fool with it. I put it down, then picked it back up, what the heck, it was only $3.99. Well, I am glad I purchased it. I can’t wait to make some of the lovely items from the book. It is dated 1984, so it’s not that old but still somewhat retro,hmmmm? I have also been inspired by those of you who have made some great items from a Lutterloh pattern, thanks for sharing!

  1. I definitely will. I think I’m going to make the little tie blouse in the photo first and see how it turns out. The system looks fairly straight forward. One must know how to put the garment together as there are no instructions for that. The system is just for drawing out the pattern to one’s measurements. But most of the patterns are not too complicated.

    1. Wow! I didn’t know that it could be worth that much! I don’t think it was ever used either. The original receipt was in the box. I think it was around $69.

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