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Summer sundress for Grace

August 20, 2012

To be honest, all of Grace’s dresses lately have been vintage, and this one is no exception. I found this pattern–Simplicity 1149–last winter and had to have it.  I’ve been on a scallop kick lately, you see, and the idea of a scalloped sundress was appealing.  My copy of this is a size three, and the only adjustment I really had to make to the dress itself was for length.  Instead of lengthening it, though, I simply added a band of coordinating fabric that matched my ties and sash.


  I also used the same fabric for the pockets.  In retrospect, I wish I’d moved them down a little from the original placement marks because they’re a little high for Gracie to actually use comfortably.


The scallops on this pattern were interesting–instead of giving you separate pattern pieces the way a modern pattern would, the scallops were printed on the regular pieces and the instructions told you to sew through the pattern paper and then trim off the excess fabric.  ( I apologize for the wrinkles–I didn’t manage to iron this one before it was sent home.  Ironing with a fifteen-month-old baby whose mission in life is to get her hands on the iron is hard!)


I didn’t follow those instructions because I preferred to keep the pattern intact!
Instead, I transferred the markings to the wrong side of the fabric.  I made a cross between view 1 and 3 and I also sort of made the jacket to go with it–I widened the neckline and left off the collar.



  I knew Grace wouldn’t wear it with the collar, but she was perfectly happy with it not having one.  In fact, she ran off with it before I’d finished sewing it together and wouldn’t give it back!



It was a necessary thing to make, though.  While it’ll stay hot here until late October at the earliest, it tends to get chilly in air conditioned buildings so she’ll want the little bit of extra cover!  It fits her pretty well, too, with a bit of growth room since I slimmed down the darts!  I was a little worried about them because the Tangled dress I made back in May for her birthday was hard to zip, and vintage patterns fit closer to the body than modern ones.




Unfortunately, her crinoline slip got left at home, so we didn’t get the full skirt effect of the pattern envelope, but Grace loves her new pink dress!  I got tons of hugs and kisses for this one because, according to Gracie, it was just what she wanted, down to the shiny ribbons!  (Grace is my niece, and her mom and dad loved it, too!)


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  1. So very cute. I love sewing dresses for my youngest (who’s eight now), but there’s nothign quite as cute as a toddler in a pretty dress.

  2. Very cute! I love to sew dress, my daughter is 10 and I guess this is the last year she would like to wear those kind of dresses 🙁 BUT I also have a little niece and I am sewing for her too!

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