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Seventies Mash Up Dress by HoffiCoffi

August 20, 2012

Hello, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Eira and I blog as HoffiCoffi.  I was hoping you might like to see the dress I made from a Seventies pattern I was recently lucky enough to find in a seaside charity shop….

The bodice section of this dress is an old seventies pattern (Butterick 6571 to be precise) as shown below.

I bought it at the charity shop for the princely sum of one pound but when I got it home I found that the majority of the pattern was missing.  The resulting dress is therefore an amalgamation of several patterns as blogged here.

When I put this dress on after making the bodice I just laughed.

Those sleeves are redonkulous!
But I really, really love them!

For me, this is why I sew – to make things that I simply couldn’t find on the high street.  It’s not that I want to stand out it’s just that I always seem to find it impossible to blend in.  Believe me, I spent many a youth club disco in my early teens desperately trying to dress like my friends but never quite getting it right…!

I have put in a lapped zip.  It’s my first one so it’s far from perfect but the book I used for advice assured me the hand pick stitches would ‘scream couture!’.  I remain unconvinced!

Another gratuitous sleeve shot.  Honestly I could look at those sleeves all day!

Finally this is my tailor’s dummy Merle modelling the inside of the dress.  I was lucky enough to have some vintage binding given to me which I used to bind the neck and sleeve edges (the original dress had a small bow at the neckline but, given the gingham nature of the dress, even I thought that might be a ‘Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz’ step too far!).  I was even luckier to have some cheap and cheerful polycotton fabric in exactly the same colour as the binding to face the sleeve and waist bands.

In short I love this dress.  The skirt panels are not as full as the original pattern.  This was an accident a considered design choice that I am really glad happened as it fits me perfectly and I would usually go for a fuller skirt.  My only real slip up was due to my insistence in keeping the central seam in the front of the skirt, the gingham pattern placement is slightly off putting as there is a double row of red stripes down the centre which is a tad annoying but I can live with that!

  1. Oh, I’m laughing. I made that midriff dress (6571, I seem to remember it was a design by Bill Tise who did a lot of faux-forties stuff) when I was in high school. Out of yellow seersucker and the bodice drove me crazy.

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