‘Rocking’ up a 1940s shirt pattern

Hi, How you all doing ?

I have just completed a shirt for my husband, I’ve got to say he is NOT into vintage in any way

and has had to learn that I will always dress the way I do 🙂

But as he is coming with me to Twinwood at the weekend I said I would make him a 1940s shirt !!

he was ok with it as long as it was in Zebra print !! …lol , yes I know , random but he is still hankering after his 80’s zebra print spandex leggings…

Anyway let’s get that picture out of our minds and I’ll show you how it turned out.

this was the pattern I used Advance 3968

The fabric is pure cotton , the print I got of Etsy from the States and the black was a pure cotton shirting i got here in England,

I had three goes at that until I found one that didn’t run in the wash!!

All went well until I went to put the collar on and it was 1/2″ short , the previous owner had made it smaller and I didn’t check …( silly)

it came up a little short oneside …It would have been too much hassle to take off, so I put a button loop by the collar and pretended it was meant to be 1/2″ bigger on that side :).

I also used ‘run and fell’ seams through out instead of the interesting version the instructions gave. I.E.  fold a 1/4″ over to the right side on one piece and a 1/4″ over to the wrong side for the second piece , layon top of each other butting seam allowances and baste then top stitch!! too long winded for me

I put the front iorn on interfacing on in the way I saw in a post on here (right side together, trim, turn and press to wrong side …perfect neat finish , thanks )

I also put little vents in at the side hips and finished with mitered corners and a pocket with hubbie’s name on …


The pocket had to go he didn’t like it !! but I found some great buttons agin on etsy but this time fro Malaysia and he loves those so on the went last night and the shirt is ready for the weekend…shame it’s going to rain 🙂

I am pleased with the result, and best of all he likes it 🙂

Things I would do differently next time  … I got a bit carried away I didn’t notice the obvious pattern repeat ..doh!

I would use a thinner shirt fabric, difficult to get in Zebra 🙂

I will check my pattern pieces very carefully .

• Meet the Author • mrsbeevintage

I teach the technical side of costume for performance at london college of fashion.i collect and sell vintage sewing equipment and i make on of garments for clients using vintage patterns,notions and fabric where possble. I also love an oppertunity to dress up in vintage at any excuse which i have been doing for 40 years...

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  • Shame he didn’t like the pocket….handy if he forgets his name. You can’t tell about the collar…well I can’t anyway.
    will you be making an 80’s outfit next then?
    Hope you have a great time at Twinwood.

  • Men and their shirts. I bought some fabulous Tiki head fabric to make myself a wiggle dress and my other half decided on the Monday morning that it would make a great shirt. After some argument and the fact that I had the wrong pattern, I made him a shirt using a black bed sheet for the back and sleeves – off to see Imelda. Your shirt is fabulous and if you carry on making him shirts HE WILL WEAR THEM! Once he realises what fabulous stuff guys will be wearing at Twinwood you’re going to regret it – I can assure you. Hope you have a great time there – Ive yet to go myself because something else always turns up (new bathroom this time). Keep up the good work.

  • Love it! What fun. Love the “no I won’t wear vintage but yes I will wear Zebra” attitude! 🙂

  • Totally awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing this project, it’s very insirational

    Zoe xx


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