past inspiration to start me back to sewing

I love these pants they are so comfy fitting

Just had to alter the bottom a little as one thing that did not impress me of the 70’s was the bell bottoms . It brings back memories of my mother making me wear my older sisters hand me downs.Some were cute to be honest but the bell bottoms,I’d rather forget . I did the summer halter to the pattern because …well why not ?? but as a 40 year old not sure if I would feel comfy wearing it out :)

very simple took me a few hours only .


the pattern for this was drafted.I wanted to make an inspirational hollywood glam swim wear.My mistake I used a lycra/spandex blend for the fabric …not very 50’s …hence I believe was my over all reason for being not satisfied with it .Solution ….looking for the right fabric and I will be remaking it again !

I’m also going to be placing a pdf dowload for the swimsuit on my website ,if their is enough people interested in having a sew along with this with me

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