Orange Creamsicle.

I feel like I have been gone forever! Mid July we went on a mini vacation/wedding of a cousin and I have been nonstop since! Making my classroom ready for a new year is consuming my time! I wish it was sewing that was taking me away! Anywho- for the wedding/vacation I wanted a new dress to wear. I decided on a “new” Vintage Vogue 8789 pattern. The fabric was a steal at $1 a yard and I was ready to go! It was my second dress matching lines in a chevron. The pattern was relatively easy. Check out all my dorky pictures and details here!


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  • What a sweet dress! I love how well it goes with your hat. What fun!

  • Not dorky at all! The entire outfit including the white gloves looks terrific. I’m sure you inspired ladies at the wedding to dress up. Just beautiful.
    Thanks for the reveal~~

  • Super cute!


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