1. Honestly I’m not entirely sure you need instructions for this one. I think if you follow “standard procedure” you’ll be fine:
    1. Bodice darts
    2. Bodice side seams
    3. Skirt seams
    4. Marry bodice to skirt
    5. Trim, straps and hem
    This pattern is super cute, and you must post the results for all of us to see!

  2. Housewife Betty’s standard procedure looks spot on, though depending on how much fitting you expect to need, you may find it easier to create the front and back as units, ie:

    1. Bodice darts
    2. Sew skirt into front and back units
    3. Join bodice front to skirt front; join bodice back to skirt back
    4. Side seams
    5. Trim, straps, hem

  3. I haven’t made a slip like this, but I think it would be fairly important to cut all pattern pieces on the bias, so that you get a lovely drape on the garment. Good luck with it.

  4. Looking at the pattern pieces, it calls for lining on the bodice. With the lace, that would be the outer fabric, then lace in between, then the lining, stitched along the top. But from the picture, it looks like the front bodice is more attached to the skirt instead of to each other (hope that phrase makes sense). So how would you work the lace part? Start at the corner, go around to the back, then back around to the opposite corner, then attaching to the skirt (again, hope that made sense!)? As Tam mentioned, cutting on the bias, which I was thinking of doing. It’s interesting, I have two other slip patterns (but they don’t mention lining, which I think this is why this one is bothering me), and they are both cut on the bias, but this one shows a straight grainline! Interesting!

  5. I don’t have that exact pattern, but I do have one that is really similar, with the same style lines: McCall 3718. I’d be very happy to copy those instructions for you, if that would help. . . Just let me know!

  6. Thanks for the help and offer, Jenni. I’m feeling rather embarrassed because I just got in the mail this afternoon another pattern, Simplicity 2692, which has almost the exact same bodice attachment! And it came with instructions! So I’ll be using those to help with this other one!

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