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August 22, 2012

I found a bunch of these Simplicity books wedged in with the patterns. This one just tickled me pink! Denim is worn everyday out here even to church on Sundays. I’m guessing this catalog must be 70s. I cannot find a date on it. Here’s a few pages. Enjoy!

Can't you feel the love!
Don't you love his patchwork pants!! I want to see those at the next rodeo!
Love the red details on the right jacket. Who doesn't have trim that needs used up.
Evening gowns anyone?

Are you feeling the need to sew with denim yet? I am impressed with some of the details on some of these garments. Do you like to sew with denim?

  1. I can do one better than that – it’s March of 1976. Take a look at page two, which starts, “Super-rated, updated denim for ’76!”

    Some of those outfits are cute – I dig the kimono top and pieced skirt on page three – but those cover garments are sort of in the ow-my-eyes category! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow! thanks for actually reading the info for me! 🙂 I guess I was too caught up in looking at the pictures.

      I agree the pieced skirt is cool and the front not so much.

  2. I dated this with my immense powers of Nostalgia. I had it narrowed down to ’76, due to the patchwork denim pants the male model wears, which correspond to my stylin’ pair of Freshman year. Class of 1980, Yessss!

  3. hahahaha, sorry, I couldn’t avoid to laugh with those patchwork pants, I don’t know why but I don’t like the 70’s fashion, I was born in the 70’s and as a kid I used to wear those kind of clothes, also I remember I used to LOVE a pair of overall pants with a big clown in the “legs”, I remember I wore it till it didn’t fit me anymore hahahahaha

  4. They did it in the 60s too. At least my mom did. She bought up bolts of denim in every color and my junior high clothes, mid 60s were all made from denim. I can live without sewing denim again. : )

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