30s ensamble

I have a question to you all: is it ok to post selfdrafted sewing projects? Since I have a ton of fit issues, some pattern drafting experience, a great blockpattern and it’s really hard to come by interesting vintage patterns in Sweden (and customs on stuff from US Ebay is through the roof!), I seldom actually use a pattern. I study images and patterns online, and then I draft something similar.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been quiet here since my introduction post; all my sewing has been from self drafted pattern. In all honesty, this one is too, but I really wanted to share it anyway =) Let me know if it’s better I’d not, and I’ll remove the post!

I wanted to make a 30s inspired dress and jacket to wear to a friends wedding, but since it’s not a very flattering style on me, I borrowed some 50s influences. It makes the ensamble a bit hard to date, but I hope the overall feel says “30s” =)

Here’s my inspiration images:

Image from Sears Catalogs -36

30s pattern

And here’s my version of it:

The skirt is cut on bias, tha bodice front has two pleats against each shoulder, and a total of four pleats to the waist. The bodice back has two waistdarts.

The jacket has a shawl collar, gathered sleeve caps, 3/4 sleeves, bound buttonholes and a zillion darts. It’s blockfused with knit interlining and lightly tailored with medium weight toille fabric.

It was really quite fun to make, but I wish I had gotten the idea a bit sooner, or maybe remembered that sewing deadlines are not the best… ; )

For a few more pictures, and construction photos, please check out my blogpost about the ensamble and it’s construction: http://swinginvintage.blogspot.se/2012/08/30s-ensamble-i-did-it-sort-of.html

Have a great weekend, everybody! / Erika

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I sew, dance, bake and drink lot's and lot's of tea.

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  • Hi Erika! Yes, self drafted is both allowed and encouraged :D

    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure =) Then I’ll post all my vintage-like sewing from now on =)

  • I love seeing what people come up with on their own. Love the dress, and that color is beautiful on you!

    • Thank you! I really fell head over heels for this fabric =) And there are already plans for similar dresses in the future…

  • Wow a beautiful outfit and I love the matching buttons and cuffs

    • Thanks! I wanted to play around with different combinations of these two fabrics, there’s just so many possibilities =)

  • Beautiful job! What a lovely color and style! You inspire me with your amazing pattern drafting skills! Keep it up!

    • Thank you for the praise and the encouragement! Now I know I can post self drafted, I’ll be a bit more frequent in my Sew Retro posting.

  • Hi Erika! I admire you! I would like to draft the patterns too, for me to buy vintage pattens is also expensive ( I am mexican) , I like the job you did! I’ll visiti your blog right now!

    • Thank you so much! It’s handy to know how to draft patterns when being hard to fit or having few patterns available. It was a bit tryicky at first, but I really recommend trying your hands on it whenever you may have a chance. There’s tons of great books out there! Oh, and toillefabric is the beginner pattern drafter’s best friend =)

  • That is beautiful and so nicely made! To be able to draft your own vintage styles is great.

    • Thank you! I love not being restricted by what patterns are availeble, but to just take an image or an idea and see what I can make of it.

  • Beautiful dress!

    Thanks for letting us know self-drafted is OK. I do the same thing too to cut down on fitting time, I usually start from my block patterns and draft from there. Thanks so much for letting us know!

    • Thank you! It does save a ton of fitting, doesn’t it? I usually end up doing a toille anyway, but there is so much fewer adjumstments to make. And when using my blockpatterns, most of the times I only need one toille! =)

  • Wow! I’m so impressed by those that can self-draft – and you’ve done it so beautifully.
    A lovely ensemble and the colour suits you really well.

  • WOW!!!! I love this so much! I am so impressed! WOW!


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