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Working with what you got…half circle skirt

July 9, 2012

So I’m a thrifty girl at heart when it comes to sewing. Can’t stand waste and will always try to find ways of saving money when sewing. Even if it means cutting corners (like not lining) or changing closures. So I had 2 metres of fab kath kidson-esque 100% cotton fabric. I could see my ideal in my head a circle skirt…but it wasn’t to be. A half circle skirt would have to do. Now I needed a pattern. Brainwave: Butterick 4790 contained the right shape pattern peice.

But I did a silly thing….didn’t allow for what effect changing the waist shaping would do (changed from losenge to circular).





It meant I got a ‘dipped hem’. Making the most of my mistake I changed it to front opening, sewing up the front and using snap closure (did I mention how much I hate doing buttonholes?) I also took about an inch off the back so it was almost level but not quite.

Means when I wear it it looks level. I also found I had to put darts in the waistband as for some reason as always happens the waist seems to have grown since I cut it.











So I wore it with my belt just in case….and here it is in action…










And *drumroll* I won ‘best dressed’. I am well pleased about that. 🙂


  1. Do you put a facing in your waistband? Your pictures don’t look like you have; that would explain the stretching that you get in the waist.

  2. Well for all your dramas, it looks great in action…well done.
    as for the waist stretching, if you ‘stay stitch’ just run a line of machine
    stitching on the seam allowance side of the stitch line as soon as you cut any
    curve or diagonal line this will hold it to the original size you intended,and of course a facing or waist band would also help. Jax

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