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Hello!  Thanks so much for the help with my last pattern… I’ve gotten the bodice entirely muslined, and I have pictures to post, but a query on my current project right now.

I picked up Butterick 7720, a simple 50s pencil skirt pattern, for $4 at a local antiques mall.  I just happen to have a chunk of green wool that I think will make a perfect pencil skirt.

However, there is a small problem…  The pattern’s previous owner seems to have accidentally swapped the instructions out for the instructions of Simplicity 2698, which is not exactly helpful.


The only part that seems likely to give me much trouble is the pocket, which apparently occupies a chunk of the skirt.

I could probably work it out on my own, but I was wondering if anyone had made Butterick 7720 or a similarly constructed skirt and could shed some light on the pocket insertion.

Thanks very much!


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A recent college graduate, Frances is pursuing a career in music (preferably opera) while nursing a strong passion for sparkles, sewing, and all things vintage.

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  • Hi, I’m sorry I can’t help you with your pattern instructions, but I love the look of the skirt and fabric! You may have already thought of this, but you could try asking a vendor on etsy if they might be willing to share the instructions in exchange for a good rating or “like” or whatever they use to improve their seller status.

  • THe skirt looks similar to the skirt on the collette pattern Lily -http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/lily

  • You are in luck as I have a vintage dress pattern that has that exact same pocket construction as the one on your skirt, just minus the tab. I remember it being a little tricky to construct even with the instructions but it ended up being my favorite dress! I have taken pictures of the instructions for you and uploaded them to my flickr account here:


    I titled the pictures Pocket Help -We Sew Retro.

    If you’d like I can also email the pictures to you, just let me know 🙂


  • I don’t have this pattern, but I can help you with how to’s. I’m taking Dad for a walk- I’ll type up some info tonight. Karen

  • Hey Frances, I asked around some other other pattern sellers and Lynda at http://www.etsy.com/shop/allthepreciousthings has this pattern and can help you out with the instructions. Drop her a line 😀


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