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Simplicity 3875

July 4, 2012

Hi! I have finally gotten the courage to post here, let me know if I am doing anything wrong! I would like to share one of my latest experiments: Simplicity 3875. I made it from some fabric I found online, the print was probably originally intended to be used for aprons. The piece was 1.75 yards x 35 inches wide. The yardage requirement was around 3 yards so I had to make a few adjustments.

I gathered a rectangle for the skirt from what was left over from cutting out the bodice pieces. I made the straps narrower, shortened the bodice (I am very short AND very shortwaisted, and tube-like). Somewhere down the line I decided to make it a halter dress.

The belt is from my closet, I was considering cutting a bit of the green from the hem to make a belt. Or maybe finding some matching navy and making a belt, what do you think would look good?


More pictures here

  1. Welcome, welcome! So glad you joined 😀

    I think the belt you have with it now might be a bit too big. I’d go with a skinny belt if you have one.

    1. A skinnier belt sounds like a good idea, the red one is a bit overwhelming (the dress it belongs to is very loud to begin with haha). I am glad to be here!

  2. I love it, a brilliant solution to overcome the slight fabric shortage. I think the red belt looks great, but maybe navy would look good too

  3. Welcome over!

    I think you’ve done a great job, thanks for posting, I also think if you were going to change your belt, a narrower navy one would be cool, but it looks great as is too.

  4. I think it’s adorable, is what I think! A belt in any of the accent colours would look great. I’m a fan of midi skirts myself, so I wouldn’t want to take fabric from the hem, but if you like shorter dresses it’s a great solution.

    1. I really like the length too, I am on the search now for some good fabric for the belt. It is hard to make a dress a good length!

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