More Animal Print…

I got some more of that fab animal print and made two outfits (in a suprisingly (for me) short space of time!) The first I completed was ‘Simplicity 5753’ from 1964, then I made a mini version using ‘Style 1966’ from 1977. They have both turned out well, though I am Not going to wear mine outdoors, though Baby Bunny says she will! Here are a couple of pictures, I have put more on my blog here… . Thanks for looking. Oh, and I’m not making anything else out of this fabric for a while, very slippy fray-ey and, well, five items in the same print is enough(I think!)

• Meet the Author • Button Bunny

I enjoy making and creating stuff with fabrics and paper. I really love looking at and oohing and aahing over vintage (50's 60's and 70's mostly) clothes, patterns, nik-naks, fabrics, books...etc etc... I am 'finally' starting to embrace the rockabilly chic within and dress accordingly at appropiate times!

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