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I am always sewing for other people, so it was fun to make something for myself. This is Butterick 4790, Retro ’52.

I made a muslin first because I am, let’s say curvy, and short, so I had to make alterations. I shortened the waist considerable and drew it up at the shoulders as well. I made the shoulders narrower too, and then even took a few tucks on the shoulder seam to bring them in more when it was finished. Also, I cut the overskirt at a slight angle on both sides (4″ at the bottom edge) so that you see a peek of the underskirt fabric. The pattern drawing looks like it is made this way, but it isn’t really. Those pieces come straight down the front.
I also wasn’t sure that snaps would hold the wrap pieces securely so I made loops for my buttons; this put them slightly off center… may still change that. Opinions on the buttons?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my new dress! Everyone at church liked it 😉

  1. Looks great, I love the colors you chose! I’ve had this one in the “to sew” queue for quite a while now and I love to see all the variations folks come up with.

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