In the Garden in my Garden Party Dress

June 21, 2012

Hi folks! I wanted to post and show off my latest vintage creation. I used the Butterick Repro 5748 for the bodice

and I used vintage Simplicity 4252 for the skirt. I wanted a more fitted skirt because my fabric, which I bought thinking was a regular cotton (that’ll teach me to read the full description before I hit “buy it now!”), is more of a heavy jacquard. This type of fabric makes for great structured pencil skirts.

Simplicity 4252

And here’s my finished dress!

As you can see, I opted to eschew the bow on the front of the dress. I like it this way as I thought it was a little too sweet having it in the front. I like to think of this dress like a mullet haircut; business in the front and party in the back!

Here’s a better shot of the back of the dress and the gorgeous print of the fabric.

This fabric was not your standard border print as I’d thought. It’s hard to describe but half the fabric was patterned one way, with more of the white and the roses, and then the other half was printed with more roses and less white. I had to have a plan in place before I did any cutting at all. I really wanted to play with the directional nature of this print, so I have the roses on the bodice climbing up from the waist, and the roses on the skirt “growing” down from the waist. I like this treatment as is draws the eye to areas of my body that I like and camouflages those I’m not as fond of 🙂

Finally, for all you vintage loving peeps out there, the final touch on this dress was my self fabric belt. I had this old kit from the sixties in my stash and was waiting for just the right dress to use it with. I think I did right by using it on this one!

I must say I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ll bet you that this is one I’ll wear into the office and people will not know that I made it. I’m on the lookout for the perfect little blue or pale green cardigan to pair with it to make it office appropriate! Thanks for letting me share!



  1. Im seriously going to have to stop looking at all the beautiful things people are making – jealous is not the word – I can never find fabric as nice as this – you look fabulous/stylish/adorable

    1. This fabric find was a total fluke. I’m subscribed to Fabric Mart Fabrics on FB, and they posted it as a daily deal so I swooped in there right away and bought five yards before I even read the description! Be vigilant. Your perfect fabric is out there!

    1. Thank you. Yes ma’am, I believe this is the same fabric that Gertie and another blogger have used. I think we all snapped it up in the same sale because I bought it a few months ago.

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! I just made a dress using the same Butte rick pattern but I I used the skirt – it’s a good one. Love your Frankenmash here and that fabric is to die for.

    1. Ah, I’ll have to check your version out! I want to make it again with the proper skirt this time. This is a case of the fabric dictating the pattern choice!

  3. This is simply lovely. I love the bow and the belt looks great!
    I’m kicking myself for not snapping up that fabric when I saw it online! Every dress I’ve seen made from it is stunning.

    1. Oh no 🙁 You know, anytime I kick myself for not buying something, I just think that they come out with gorgeous fabrics on a daily basis and something better is out there for me.

  4. the dress is wonderful and the fabric choice is FABULOUS! It is so hard to choose the right fabric for a pattern, and so few do it well. You are obviously very good at it – this is really stunning and you look terrific in it too.

    1. Ha! Thank you so much for saying so. I worry endlessly over pairings so I’m glad you say that my time spent agonizing is paying off. I do like this pairing a lot!

  5. Fantastic dress & belt, wonderful job Eileen! That fabric is just darling! This is the third dress I’ve seen made from it. I just have to find it and buy some to make my own!!!

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