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I love this dress and the hair….

June 21, 2012
I want this dress….
 Thought I could use Simplicity 3673 and have the top half made from different material (using collar from my new fave  pattern) to bottom half to give a similar effect. A cut’n’shut dress of sorts.
…..and the hat and I quite like the haircut too…which gets me onto another subject hairstyles and haircuts. I’m not sure what is the best haircut to have. I hear about the legendary ‘middy’ haircut, but as I’m not styling my hair vintage all the time I’m not sure it would be that flattering unstyled.



I’ve been looking for a shorter hairdo that will look good when cut and then grow out into a middy. Taking inspiration from some vintage pattern artwork. Any suggestions for good short-ish haircuts?


Is the liberty cut the same as a middy?

Pathe site is good for inspiration but the videos never have quite enough detail to work it out myself…


And this is quite interesting the 50’s does 20’s…

I like how you can see the connection between clothes and the hair styles. I tend to err towards 40’s mainly but I do span 20’s/30’s/50’s so finding a cut that fits all of those eras is really hard.

(I was debating if I should post this as its not purely sewing but hair is as important when it comes to setting off that retro outfit)

  1. I’ve had the middy (and variations there of) several times, but it’s not necessary for vintage hair. The main things you need is layers and shorter in the front longer in the back (at least for 40s and 50s. 20s and 30s tend to be easier with a same length all around do). Also, don’t forget that curling your hair will make it appear a lot shorter, so you’ll need more length than you think even for some of these short styles. If you like 20s and 30s and the short 50s look, I’d suggest a length between shoulder and chin length with some layers cut in.

    1. Thanks for the advice. My hair grows rather quickly so will try and get the right shape but short so it will keep the right shape when it grows out.

      When it comes to fringes (or bangs as I believe the US term is) does it have to be straight across or can it be a different shape?

      1. I don’t think you have to have straight across. The U shaped Bettie bang was also done, but even modern bangs can be worked into a vintage style. They just take more work!

  2. Having the Middy was the best thing i ever did to sucessfully replicate 1940s/1950s hair. i have it quite short at about 2 inches past my jaw. its looks perfectly modern when i dont have it styled. Any hair dresser worth their salt will know have to cut this style

  3. I did a “Marilyn” from her “at home” photo shoot, the one where she wears white pants and a black turtleneck. It’s awesome! I love it. It’s layers and easy to pin curl or roll curl.

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