1940s | Embroidery


June 21, 2012

Here I show you one “simple embroider pattern” from my magazine from July 1949, it says it is a simple pattern to embelish a blouse or any other garment.

It says something like this:” You can use different colors and your will try thatc enters be darker than the edge of the flowers, For the leaves, they can be done with different green colors or browns depending in what you like”

You can save the image of the pattern and print it a letter size paper and use it.

  1. “The pretty drawing in the supplement, and that we’ve used to adorn these two blouses, exhibits not only a distinguished style but a delicate simplicity. Placed in different positions, whether on blouses or other home-made items, will get marvellous results if embroidered in various colours or appliquéd. You can use different colours of diverse tones, trying to make the centres of each flower darker than the edges. The leaves can be done in various tones of green or brown, to your taste.”

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