50’s Style Play Suit

Hello everyone,

It’s my first post here at WeSewRetro, though I have been a frequent visitor the past few months. This site is one of the reasons I’ve taken up sewing! As you might see from the pictures below, I’m a beginner. I’ve always liked to sew and create stuff, but lately been uninspired and, more importantly, sewing machine-less until very recently.

The playsuit I’ve made was just in time for summer! I’m about to spend a few weeks in my home country of Sweden, and I hope this number will help lure the sun out! :)

The fabric is a cotton, and in its previous life it was a rather unattractive long, straight skirt. I had been eyeing the fabric for a long time in an op shop window close to my place, thinking I really liked the summery colours. It was about €4, quite a good price, and as soon as I’d bought it and got it home I started planning how to make it into a 50’s style playsuit..

Folded, waiting for it’s own place in my suitcase..

And here it is, in all it’s.. ahem.. glory. I had to open the curtains to catch some of the last rays of the day, for the picture.

The inspiration came from a picture I saw on Etsy, but being sans pattern, I had to make one up myself. The top should really have a ‘fold over piece’ which would make it much more elegant. I have been considering looking for a blue cotton to match the blue flowers, to add that detail, or add some ruffles or something to make it a bit more interesting, and to add some volume to my not-so-busty figure. :)

The priority for me was that I wanted a full skirt (I’m such a sucker for full skirts!), and then the top was made of whatever facric was left. I ended up with about 5×10 cm scraps when I was finished, so it was really just enough! I opted for hidden buttons in the skirt, as the print is already very busy. I will probably add something to the top instead, to make it ‘pop’ a bit more.


The back of the top. A bit crooked in places. Or all. But still turned out ok for hot days by the lake. I can’t wait!

I really liked making this play suit, and I will definitely be wearing it a lot this summer, in the country side with a scarf on my head, and maybe a pair of white vintage shades..

This little project has really refueled my interest in sewing, and I have a lot of inspiration. And much of that thanks to all of you lovely ladies and gentlemen who post you creations for me to gasp at! :) What are you sewing for the summer? I look forward to your feedback!

Until next time,


• Meet the Author • Jojo

I'm an amateur seamstress with loads of inspiration and enthusiasm! :) Of course, I am also a passionate vintage-o-holic. However, I mix and match, I'm a real decade cheater! If it feels and looks good, it's right in my eyes. I believe I will learn a lot from hanging out on WeSewRetro, and am hopeful of advice if I ever have a sewing crisis! :)

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  • Just too cute! Have fun wearing it!


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