Vogue 8767 – Dress and Jacket

May 13, 2012



In this post I shared the toile I made up using Vogue 8767 – a late 30’s jacket and dress combo.  The fitting on the actress went beautifully – the only thing I had to do was nip the jacket in at the waist a little bit.

Done in a lightweight silk jacquard – which was great for the dress, but proved to be far too thin for the jacket.  I ended up using fusible lightweight interfacing on the front and back peplum pieces, and flat-lined the body and sleeves to some medium-weight lining fabric.  It seems to have given the jacket enough body and structure.  Hooray!

And: just for fun, all of the toiles hanging out together before the fittings earlier this week.  (The fifth is on a hanger in the back – not enough dress forms!)  They look like a lively bunch, eh? 🙂







  1. Gosh, I wish I had the luxury of making . I have barely have enough time to get all the costumes made for dress rehearsals. Yours look gorgeous enough to wear.

    1. Some things I don’t toile – but these fitted dresses I just HAVE to. One of my actors has pattern-perfect measurements and I’ve barely had to tweak – the other is super curvy, though, and needed a lot of adjustments.

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