Tales of discarded treasure

I finally completed a set of 30 outfits for a parade (patterns spanning 50 years) for a local Kindergarten celebrating their 75th Anniversary. I swear it is taking longer to load them all up on my blog than it was to sew them (and next time I will take someone else along who can take photos for me).

All of the outfits were made from remnants picked up at thrift shops, including the notions – except for the thread; and the electricity used by the sewing machine was completely generated by our Solar Power system. The patterns, of course, are recycled from the past – some of them were pretty heavily used.

I thought I would share one of my favourites – 1969 Boy’s outfit – high waisted, button on trousers with a tuxedo style shirt. I am not sure if it was because I liked the style, or whether the boy wearing it was just perfect for it.

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  • What a huge undertaking! If this outfit is anything to go by, the kids must have looked charming. This boy, in this outfit, is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  • That is extremely adorable, and I hope we get to see some of the other children, too!


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