Superior Pattern Company #1908 – Mid-20’s day dress

I DO actually have some finished pieces… not just muslin toiles! 😉

This dress was created for the character of Fraulein Schneider in a local university production of ‘Cabaret’.  Although the play is set in 1930/31, I decided to set F. Schneider’s fashion in the mid 20’s – she’s a working class woman, older, and would certainly not be as fashionable as the 19-year old Sally Bowles. 🙂

The pattern had to be graded up for the actress – which really isn’t that much work for these 20’s dresses. 🙂  I used some vintage lace details at the cuff and bodice to bring the dress into the world of the play:

(The ratty jacket in the back is for a different play!)

More photos at my blog, here!

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  • Can’t wait to see more! I know the long hours in the costume shop, behind closed doors… it does make you want to share. Thanks for doing so, again.

    • Thank you!

      Yeah – the summers are lonely. During the school year I have students, but they’re all gone now! I can’t wait for August when I have them around again…

  • Your work is faultless, and I love the lace details. Perhaps because I’ve been studying 30’s things this week, with more figure definition and design details – feel sorry that the “older, working class” women of the 20’s didn’t yet have designs and colors to flatter and uplift their spirits a bit more. Thanks for such interesting posts!

  • This is wonderful, and I have really enjoyed seeing the muslins as well. All of your work is just lovely!

  • Thanks you for posting your lovely muslins and now finished work. Keep posting. I love to see the beautiful costumes you are making!

  • Lovely work, So interesting seeing the muslins as well as the finished garments x

  • I agree – really lovely work; and great to see the pattern, through muslin process and onto the finished outfits.


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