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New Art for the Site: Sewing Through the Decades

May 20, 2012

Our Facebook fans already had a sneak peek of the new site header earlier this week, conceived and executed by the lovely Mikhaela of Polka Dot Overload.

Regular readers will no doubt be familiar with Mikhaela from her recent treatise In Defense of “Mom” jeans, “Granny” panties and “High” Waists which is definitely worth a read if you didn’t catch it (not least because my favorite pair of pants ever are in there).

I think she’s done an awesome job for us – showcasing outfits from every decade from the teens to the seventies and capturing the diversity of our community here at We Sew Retro.

Huge thanks to Mikhaela for her time and talents! Who is your favorite? I’m torn between Miss 1910s and Mr 1970s…

  1. Yes, I noticed (and appreciated) the new header as soon as I opened the page…. I didn’t realise they were supposed to be chronological – I thought it was a cross-section of posters to the group! (Which it is, I suppose.) I’m sure I’ve come across the inspiration for Miss Teens and Miss 30s in people’s past blogs recently….

    I like the marcelled Miss 20s… and her customised sewing-machine!

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