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May 9, 2012

My name is Eileen and this is my first post here, though I’ve been a reader for at least a year now. I love this site and I really enjoy seeing all the things folks make. I’ve been wearing vintage since the mid 1990s and sewing since way before that but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really realized, duh, if I buy vintage patterns, I can make vintage garments that actually fit! What a concept right?

My most recent vintage project was a 1940s Pinafore dress for myself. I really questioned if a thirty year old should wear a pinafore but after about two minutes deliberation I decided that I liked it and didn’t care what anyone else thought!

Breezy and Beautiful

I used this pattern from my collection to make the pinafore. This was one of those rare patterns where you don’t have to make any adjustments at all for it to fit like a dream! I love when that happens!

The fabric is a green and white striped cotton seersucker that I had in my fabric stash. I trimmed the dress liberally in rick-rack because really, who doesn’t need a little rick-rack in their life?

One of the best parts of this dress, in my opinion, is the back. I know many of you who enjoy sewing retro love a good back button blouse so why not a back button dress?

Please ignore the bustle effect there; that’s my skirt hem marker on my dress form sticking out! Anyway, as you can see, this is a frilly, fun, and frivolous sort of dress. I see wearing it on picnics or going to the fair!

Well I hope ya’ll enjoyed my little debut. I get so much inspiration from you all and I’m glad to be part of We Sew Retro.


  1. This is adorable! I imagine you will get a lot of wear out of it this summer, it looks really comfortable. I too have just finished sewing myself a pinafore dress and I’m closing in on 40!! If you like it & it suits you, I say go for it!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I struggled for all of two minutes and then realized, wait, the best part of getting older is not caring as much what others think about you and so I made it full speed ahead! I’d love to see what your pinafore looks like!

  2. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I love your pinny dress Eileen! I think the ric-rac trim is adorable, and in all seriousness, I want one for myself…. Now I’ve just got to hunt down that pattern! It is too cute! : O

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

    1. If you go to Etsy and type in “Pinafore pattern,” you’d be surprised the number of cute ones that are out there. I did that just before I typed this and now I have my eye on a cute ’50s number . . . oh dear!

  3. Oh lovely! I have this pattern too, so it’s actually really encouraging to see how nice your dress has come out, as I haven’t made it up yet ;o)

    1. Do it! Then we can be frock twins! It was a really easy pattern to make up despite the fact that I had to cannibalize my ruffle from ANOTHER pinafore pattern I had in my stash. Doesn’t everyone have two or three pinny patterns in their stash?

      1. Not only do I own an obscene number of pinafore sewing patterns from every era from the 1930s onwards, I also own several knitting patterns for pinafore dresses too! I must admit though, at 31, I have drawn the line at ruffle details and leave those to my toddler daughter. Doesn’t mean I love them any less though, they were such a feminine detail!

    1. Holy wow, I love that dress! Thanks for sharing, now I just need to remind certain people that it’s almost Mother’s Day and what better way to show Mom you love her than a gift of vintage clothes?

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