Haslam dresscutting system

I need your advice….

Have any of you wonderful sewers used this pattern making system?  I am thinking of buying the set of books, and just want to hear what others think of it.  I really appreciate your feedback, and advice :-)

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I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

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  • I have had it for years but have never gotten around to actually drafting anything. I see Amazon is selling reprints now so it may be easy to make the template. I had bought a cd off Ebay that had like 40 books on it and the template but you had to make the template yourself which was a bit of a pain to get it to scale. Since I went to all of that trouble I should try it out. Sorry I’m not very helpful.

  • I have the children’s book and it certainly looks inspirational but I don’t have the drafting template which you do need to be able to use the books. I found a pdf of it on a blog along with a detailed review (I don’t recall which one I’m afriad but Google might help track it down) but I also had great problems with printing it to scale, making it up and then making it double-sided with all the holes in the right place – it made it worth buying an original template for sure!


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