GIVEAWAY: Win the Craftsy Class of Your Choice (plus a free class for everyone)

May 17, 2012

One of my favorite things about the We Sew Retro community is that we have vintage sewing beginners crafting up a storm right alongside the professionals.

No matter your skill level, we can all benefit from brushing up our sew-jo with a class now and then. We’ve all heard about (and some of us have taken) Gertie’s Bombshell dress course on Craftsy, and the Craftsy peeps are offering up a free course perfect for the beginner:Β Β Sewing Machine 911. Yes, free. They don’t do that often you know.

FREE Online Sewing Class

What You Will Learn inΒ Sewing Machine 911

  • How to familiarize yourself with the parts of your machine and how they operate
  • How to perform basic skills, like threading the machine and winding the bobbin
  • How to pinpoint signs and symptoms of common problems
  • How to clean your machine to keep it working well and lengthen its lifespan


But wait, there’s more…

For those of you giving me the “But Katherine, I’m already at one with my sewing machine. My machine and I have spent countless hours in each other’s company, and this one time after the office party we…uh…comforted…each other” face, I have more news….one lucky reader will win whatever Craftsy course you like at no charge. Huzzah!


Had your eye on Gertie’s Starlet Suit Jacket class? Fancy learning couture techniques with Susan KhaljeΒ (Oohh, pick me! Pick me!). Now is your chance to win the class of your choice!


To enter…

Head on over to Craftsy and chose your course. Then pop back over here and leave me a comment letting me know which class you want to take and why.


When the giveaway closes on Thursday, May 24th, one lucky reader will be chosen at random to win the course they chose in their comment….and if it happens to be Susan’s Couture course, you might just have me as a classmate, because I’m itching to do that one!


International entrants always welcome…

As always on WeSewRetro, there are no restrictions on who can enter this giveaway. Craftsy courses are held online, so wherever you are in the world, if you’ve got internet you’re golden.
  1. I would love to win the Gerty starlet suit jacket course. I adore that suit, and love separates that can mix and match with other things I own.

  2. The Sassy Librarian Blouse is exactly what I need! I’m in need of building blouses and have several retro patterns similar to this one! This would be just in time for summer sewing!

  3. I have plenty of skirts and dresses, but need to work on my sleeve setting, so Sassy Librarian Blouse would be perfect! Great giveaway! Thank you!

  4. I would love to do the Sewing Studio class with Diana Rupp. I’m a complete beginner and this sounds like the perfect class to pick up some essential skills, such as french seams and invisible zippers, which I still find very intimidating!

  5. I would either go for the Sassy Librarian Blouse course or the Jean-ius course. Probably the blouse. (I have just signed up for a couple other courses, so a little bummed I didn’t catch this post before then.) Thanks for a cool giveaway!

  6. I would love to take the Jean-ius course. I’ve been dreaming of a perfect pair of jeans and it looks like I will have to make them myself.

  7. I’ve been seriously eyeing up the Sassy Librarian Blouse class. I’m starting a new job soon where I’ll be able to wear jeans to work all the time, so I need to get crackin’ on the cute-blouse-making to go along with ’em!

  8. I would probably pick the sewing studio class. I have some skills for making things, but it has all kind of been an “on the project” learning. I would like to go back to the basics to firm up some basic skills to really take some nicer style clothing to the next level.

  9. Hey! I would love to take the couture class! I love dresses and would love to learn some professional techniques!

  10. I pick Gertie’s bombshell dress for the Craftsy sewing class I would most like to take, because I love Alfred Shaheen-style dresses & I have never sewn anything with a built-in corselet. (Hint: If there were a class for high-waisted, wide-leg retro pants with pockets & front/side/back zipper options, I would be all over that class in a flash–pants are ever so much more practical for my lifestyle.)

    The runner-up class is the Sassy Librarian Blouse, because I am a bookworm & love the name & it’s so cute. I hadn’t seen this class mentioned on any of my favorite sewing blogs, which I am surprised by.

    I didn’t know how many different crafts are taught on Craftsy, and the sugar flowers, knitting toe-up socks, & weaving classes have all caught my eye, as well.

  11. What fun! I think I’d like to take the Couture Dress class. I haven’t started sewing clothes yet because I know I’d have so many fit issues. I follow WeSewRetro faithfully though just enjoying what everyone else makes!

  12. I would have to choose ‘the starlet suit jacket’
    As it would be great to make my own suit (handy for job interviews/work) as it looks such a versatile pattern. Plus I think I need to learn how to do tailoring as I’m sure it will come in handy making a regency spenser.

  13. I have already enrolled in several courses (Bombshell (which I am currently making), Starlet and Sassy) but I would love to try my hand at The Couture Dress course because it seems like a great way to build off of Gertie’s course.

  14. You know, Susan Khalje is scheduled to teach a couture class in my city this Monday… which happens to be my birthday. Boo me for not being able to afford the fee! Of course, the Couture Dress Course would be the next best thing… πŸ™‚

  15. I would love to take the Jean-ius class, because I NEED more basics. My dresses may soon be less convinient with a 6 month old:) Plus if I can recreate the very FEW pants that I have that really fit, that’s a big thing.

  16. I’d have to go with Gertie’s Starlet Suit Jacket – I have tons of jacket patterns but have yet to be brave enough to try one. I think this would be the perfect opportunity!

  17. I’m dying to take the Susan Khalje course! I’m starting to incorporate more advanced techniques in my sewing so I think this is the perfect time! PLEASE PICK ME!

  18. I’ve taken the Bombshell class, and signed up for Jean-ius and the Couture Dress courses. Aside from all the sewing I’ve been doing, I’m also in the process of building a giant captain’s bed, and would LOVE to take the Hand-Cut Dovetails course. I was thinking of using a router & jig, but doing it by hand would be so much better!

  19. The Bombshell dress class sounds fantastic – a girl can never have too many dresses! Thanks so much for the free class as well!

  20. I’d like to take the Starlet Suit class. I’d really like to make some vintage suit jackets, but have been intimidated by the tailoring. I think the class would help me to try some new sewing techniques. Thank you!

  21. I’d like to take Gertie’s Bombshell dress course because I have seen some truly amazing dresses that were made along with it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I really enjoy the Craftsy classes…I would really enjoy Donna Druchanas’ Knit Sock Workshop. Thanks for the heads up on the free class and the opportunity to win another!

  23. The Bombshell Dress! I adore the Kamehameha dresses, but they are totally out of my price range (and for that price I would want it to fit immaculately). So, I would love to learn to make my own!

  24. I would love, love love to take Gertie’s Starlet Suit Jacket course because, 1. I adore Gertie’s blog and have been itching to take one of her courses, and 2. I’ve really been wanting to try my hand at tailoring but I find it rather intimidating and I’m sure the course would be just the push I need! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I would love to take the Couture Dress class too! I have been sewing for 15 years, but mostly costumes. I am skilled enough to fudge my way through things, but it would be great to learn some of these fitting techniques for modern clothes!

  26. Wow! So exciting! I would love to take the Couture Dress class. It looks like just what I need to add some polish to my skills and find the perfect fit!

  27. I’d like to take Kenneth D. King’s “Jean-ius” course. I took a course from him (and Susan Khalje) last fall in NYC and I really enjoyed it. The course sounds really interesting and I think I could learn a thing or two. I love Craftsy!

  28. Ohh, you know, I was so close to buying the suit jacket class because I have lovely fabric for it and all, but I’m a poor grad student so I decided against it (and in favour of eating and rent). So winning it would be awesome! xox

  29. I would love Gertie’s Bombshell dress course! Thank you so much for the chance to win a great course!

  30. I have been eyeing Gertie’s Bombshell Dress course for awhile now and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to take this class from the cutest gal !! I am a fairly experienced seamstress, however, I have been looking to hone in my skills a bit more. Plus, who wouldn’t want to make her FABULOUS dress ! I have a huge vintage fabric stash just calling to be cut for it πŸ™‚ Thank you for offering this giveaway !

  31. I would like to do the jeans one, it would be good to learn to make a pair of jeans exactly like my favourite ones πŸ˜‰

  32. I’ve always wanted to take a class from Peggy Martin but never found one close to me. She invented a way to use strip piecing with paper piecing. Lots of interesting teachers and classes on Craftsy but this is the one that I would really love to take. The projects are knockouts too.

  33. I just finished the Librarian Blouse class and loved it so I’m itching to start another….maybe Jeanuis! It sounds like a challenge….or the Couture Dress….both look amazing!

  34. I’ve been wanting to do Gertie’s Bombshell Dress course for a while now, I’ve been a bit concerned that it might be beyond my skill level but I’d love to give it a go. Also, 24th May is my birthday, so it would make a fabulous birthday present, don’t you think?

  35. I would take Gertie’s suit jacket course. I it’s getting cold over here and I’ve been wanting to make a few jackets – maybe this would be the kick I would need to get started!

  36. I signed up to a bunch of these during a $15 sale but since then they’ve introduced the Sassy Librarian Blouse course, so I would love to try that one πŸ™‚

  37. I’m just getting into sewing seriously now since I got my sewing machine for Christmas… and I really do need to get my basics 100% down…and since I’m a visual learner, the Crafty courses are perfect for me! Thus, I would be sew sew happy doing the Sewing Studio with Diana Rupp.

  38. I choose Stupendous Stitching because it helps meet my goal of learning embroidery techniques for my one of a kind baby clothes. Glad to find this site. I use vintage patterns for my baby clothes. : )


  39. It’s a hard choice, and I’m stuck between the Sassy Librarian Blouse or the Couture Techniques. I guess I would have to make the official choice of the Sassy Librarian πŸ™‚ I need more tops.

  40. I’m one of those “special” people who can’t find a pair of jeans that fits well to save her life. Then when I do find the **perfect** pair, I wear them to death and can’t replace them.

    If I were to win this contest, I would love to take the Jean-ius course by Kenneth D. King so I could make my own perfect pair of jeans.

  41. The “Sassy Librarian Blouse” course like it would be so much fun and informative. I’m getting into making vintage-inspired blouses, so this would be great for me. *crossing my fingers*

  42. I am dying to take either Susan’s coutoure class or Ken’s Jeanius class! either would make me happy as a clam (and they are happy!) I hope I win!

  43. I would have to go with Gertie’s Suit Jacket course. I have a linen suit planned for summer wear, and a new tweed jacket (my old one is getting worn thin, from several years of nearly daily wear, alas) to match some autumn/spring wool skirts. I even have the (1940s) pattern! But, I’ve been putting it off because I feel I need to invest in more tailoring books and overall “couture techniques” type knowledge before throwing myself head first into a fitted, lined, suit…

  44. I would so love to do the Susan Khalje Couture Dress class as I love making dresses especially from the fifties and could do with some tips on fitting and finishing.

  45. OMG! I feel like the couture course with Susan Khalje is just what I need! I taught myself to sew, so I feel like I don’t know those basics that would make my sewing much more efficient, and this course seems to be the proffesional help I need!

  46. I want to take the Jean-ius course! It’s an awesome concept – to make a pair of jeans using your favorite pair – and I already have the fabric ready and waiting to be used.
    I’m currently in the middle of watching the videos for Gertie’s Bombshell Dress and I’m really enjoying it. Craftsy does have some really great courses and I know I would really love the Jean-ius course.

  47. i would love to take the upcycle class just because i do see such interesting stuff at thrift stores that i want to wear.. kind of. also my attempt to upcycle a men’s shirt recently failed so hard.

  48. The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje.
    Because I’ve been sewing for 35 years and it’s still “homemade” more often than “handmade.” I need a technique class from someone who’s serious about fit & finish.

  49. Christine Haynes’ sassy librarian blouse course is my dream come true! mine would become sassy schoolteacher blouses but there’s a pretty big style overlap!

  50. I’d have to go for the librarian blouse! I received an email about the course/pattern the other day, and was seriously tempted. It’s super cute, and I definitely need more blouses in the all-pants-all-the-time wardrobe I’m currently making!

  51. I would love to take the Sew Retro Perfect Bombshell Dress course – I’ve never made a dress before and need some new sundresses for the summer!

  52. I would love, love, love to take the Sassy Librarian Blouse class! Since I’m sassy and Nancy Pearl is my hero, the sassy librarian blouse will be the closest I’ll get to being the next Nancy Pearl πŸ™‚

  53. I have had Gerties Bombshell Dress on my list for a while. So that’s the one I pick.
    I want to learn more couture sewing techniques and I think this course will be a great help to learn some of those techniques.

  54. I have the perfect length of a vintage Hawaiian novelty print cotton for a Shaheen style dress, so my choice would be Gertie’s Bombshell dress course. Fingers crossed!

  55. I actually want gerties bombshell dress course (yeah I know I’m lame I havn’t taken it yet) But God I’ve been crying myself to sleep at night not getting to take that course

  56. I’d register for Project Upcycle because I’ve been finding myself wanting to do things with the old clothes we usually give away. I think the class would be a great motivation, with instruction, to start using the pile that’s building up.

  57. I would love to make the costumes all year. My kids still wear the halloween stuff from last year everyday. If I could learn to make better quality stuff then the garbage at the store they would be so happy.

  58. I would love to take the Couture Dress class. It looks like just what I need to add some polish to my skills and find the perfect fit!

  59. I’d love to take the Couture Dress course… the design is so versatile for personalization & so classic! And I’d be able to refine my skills!

  60. Hi,

    Would love to take the Sewing Studio class with Diana Rupp. I am a beginner and working on a few projects. But would be nice to learn it the proper way. zippers intidimate me πŸ™‚

  61. All of them! But I’d like to start with Gertie’s bombshell dress. Right now, I’m pregnant with my very first baby, due to be born in July. My guess is, I could use a little bombshell dress after that. Either as a goal to get back to my original weight, or to hide those extra pounds I want to forget about πŸ™‚

  62. I nearly enrolled in the starlet suit jacket course recently, but i think I’d actually pick Gertie’s Bombshell Dress because I have a wedding to go to later in the year and I think it would be perfect!

  63. I would love the suit jacket. I just started my own woman owned consulting firm. I have to looks sharp but memorable when meeting with clients.

  64. I’d like to take the Jean-ius class because I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well. I have a big projecting butt and a tall hip, so I am hard to fit off the rack.

  65. So I can’t make up my mind! That sewing machine 911 class would be great as I have a small, growing collection of both vintage and contemporary machines and I’d love to have a greater knowledge in order to attend to their various needs.

    However Gertie’s tailored suit is DIVINE !!

  66. I would love to take the Sewing Studio class – Today is my last day of school/work for the year and I plan to put a lot of miles on my machine this summer!

  67. I’d do Gertie’s Starlet Suit Jacket class…its totally impractical for me, but I’d still like to do it.

  68. I would like to take woodcrafting because it is the ONLY media I have never had the opportunity, time or ability to attempt. There are so many projects I could tackle….so much wood, so many tools, no true wood-ability. Really wish I could!

  69. I would like to take the Project Upcycle because I buy all my clothes at thrift shops already and being a BBW I would increase my fashion options if I can better modify what I have to choose from off the racks.

  70. If we must choose a sewing class, I would have to do Jean-ius. I could really use some more jeans, and this class would be perfect for replicating pants that I have and love!! If we can choose any class, then it would be Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine because I have 3 requests for large quilts!

  71. I would love to win The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje. Although I have been sewing for a long time, I have never had a lesson, I am completely self taught and just muddle along somehow. It would be amazing to actually k now the correct way to do things. Maybe it would give me the cout=rage to post something on here lol. fingers crossed x

  72. I would love to take the Sewing Studio class. I would want to take this class so that I could learn how to alter an existing pattern to fit me.

  73. Rigid Heddle Weaving would be my choice. I want to learn to weave cloth of specific stripes to duplicate the fabric I need to reproduce traditional Swedish folk costumes.

  74. I’d probably go for the sassy librarian blouse or the fit your own knits. I love vintage style, but I also need to learn to adjust knitting patterns as the frequently boxy styles do not suit my frame. Great giveaway.

  75. I hesitate between Gertie’s starlet suit and Fit your own knits. Gertie’s class covers so many techniques I want to learn but I’m learning to knit and I wish I could fit sweaters better before knitting them.

  76. I love me a Craftsy Class. Really….. they all offer something wonderful. But for my next Craftsy class, I’d adore taking Jean-ius….. or The Couture Dress. I so admire Kenneth King and Susan Khalje. My indecisiveness causes me to go back and forth!

  77. I just finished the couture dress
    class and would love to take the retro dress class and learn how to make that fitted bodice.

  78. I would love to do the Sewing Studio class with Diana Rupp. I’m past beginner but I still find some things intimidating as french seams and invisible zippers
    and I think this class will make me more confident.

  79. I would like to take the stitch and slash class. My sewing machine can do embroidery but I haven’t used it yet because I don’t know anything about it and a bit timid at jumping into it, so it’d help to have a little instruction on it to jump start me to get past my fears.
    Also I want to learn about free motion stitching.

  80. I would love to take the Jean-ious class as I never seem to find pants that fit just right. They are few and far between with all the different fits out there nothing seems to work. I would love to learn how to take my favorite pay and remake and remake…..of course there are several other classes I would enjoy….

  81. I would love to take Gertie’s bombshell dress class. I’ve been admiring people’s beautiful dresses ever since the class was launched!

  82. The Couture Dress class would be the one for me! I rarely find dresses that fit me properly so I would love to learn to make my own.

  83. I would love love love love love to take the Jenius course…OMG! I have struggled and have had night sweats trying to recreate anything without a pattern please HELP …LOL

  84. If I win, I would take the Jean-ius! class. I am taking the couture class now and I love it – i have already learned alot and I have only gotten through pinning my muslin. With the couture dress and the Jeanius slacks, I will be well on my way to reducing my dependency on ready-to-wear from outside the US.

  85. I would love to do the sewing studio all those techniques in one course and a skirt to boot…….happy days thanks for the chance

  86. I do alot of alterations so the Susan Khalje couture course might give me the techniquice boost I need, always like to learn everything!!!!!

  87. I’d love to win Gertie’s Starlet Suit Jacket class. The resulting outfit would be just what I need to wow my colleagues in the office!

  88. I would like to take the quilting big projects on a small machine. The on line classes are great. Love that can watch it at a time that fits my schedule. Thanks.

  89. I’d love to win Gertie’s starlet jacket because she has great style and I need to have better fitting and less boring jackets to wear.

  90. I would love to learn to do big projects on a small machine…….It sound like just the class I need next! I have learned so much on the classes I’ve already taken, thanks!

  91. I would luv to tackle The Couture Dress course, but I also checked out the Project Upcycle course which looks a lot of fun.

  92. I would love the Starlet jacket course. I have a terrible time with jacket and would benefit greatly from it.

  93. I have taken the 911 class (it was very helpful, I just didn’t save my video notes). I have now signed up for the Starlet Jacket class (it may be over my head a bit though). I would like to take Diana Rupp’s class.

  94. I would really like to take the sassy librarian blouse course. I love the style of the blouses and the fact that you get taught how to make changes to the pattern to make it very different each time, if you so desire. This is a skill I would like to add to my repertoire. As an advanced beginner that would be great!

  95. I would love to try the sassy librarian blouse class. These classes are amazing and the instructors are so easy to listen to. They know their stuff and love what they do. I shines through!

  96. The Couture Class please…….I think it is a necessity to know how to finish a garment so that it looks professional, inside and out. Being over here in Australia I have possibly missed the time slot…..

  97. The Jean-ius class, please! I have such hard times finding fitting this class would be a blessing! πŸ™‚ Thanks – amazing giveaway!

  98. I’d adore Gertie’s suit jacket course! Suits are something that can be really hard to fit properly.

  99. Oh, I’d love to take Gertie’s starlet suit jacket class! I’ve been thinking about making a jacket for fall, and it would be great with some help along the way =)

  100. I would love to do the couture dress… I get afraid of all these details and it keeps me from tackling ptojects and forever in dreaming mode.

  101. I’d pick the Sassy Librarian blouse. I’ve already enrolled in Gertie’s courses and the Couture Sewing course, this one is the next that inspires me. Thank you for the giveaway!

  102. I’d love to try the Starlet Suit Jacket – my ‘tailoring’ project so far have just been pirate jackets for Halloween.

  103. OMG I would love love love to take the Susan Khalje couture course…I am a beginner and I think this would up my skills infinitely!! Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  104. I would love to take the couture techniques with Susan Khalje! I’ve been dying to give couture techniques a try but it had always seem so daunting. I’m hoping with Susan Khalje’s class, it would at least be step by step and not so crazy as I imagined it to be.

  105. I think i’d try Sewing Texture – looks like stuff i’ve been meaning to play with and haven’t gotten to yet, so a course might make a god kick-in-the-pants…

  106. I would love to take the Starlet Jacket course, I’ve made a few jackets and none have seemed to fit right or look “great” so I think I need some help! πŸ™‚

  107. Oh noooooooooo! I only saw your competition today and bombed over here to find out it closed yesterday!!!
    I will just go and cry into my coffee for a while. Don’t worry about me…..”sniff”…..I guess I can sew myself some pretty hankies to dry my tears!

    Hee hee!
    Good luck to all that entered!
    Tracey <3

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