1970’s Mens Safari Jacket (with a few modifications)

This is my most recent project.  Straight out of 1975 a safari style leisure suit.  The pattern is Simplicity 6887, and it’s easily found on Etsy and Ebay.  Was it really popular, or was it a dud.  Who knows?  My goal was to bring it into the present. 


Safari leisure suit circa 1975.  Oh man!


I know some people may think “ick” when they hear safari jacket, but I’m thrilled with the result.  It really turned out to be more a mini trench coat.  Perfect for early Spring and Fall.  


Safari for the modern man 

I did make some changes to the pattern.  

1.  I made the collar smaller and eliminated the 70’s disco look.  

2.  I angled off the bottoms of the patch pockets.  I think this is a more authentic safari look.  

3.   I replaced the button cuff sleeves with a two piece vented sleeve.  I think this gives a more tailored look.  

4.  I added a full lining.  


I’m ready for the safari comeback!   

Please visit my blog Mainelydadswintercoat.blogspot.com to see how it all came together.  

• Meet the Author • Mainelydad

I'm another one of those guys who sew. It all started with shopping for a winter coat. I was so turned off the the sea of black that's out there for men. I figured if I could make a slipcover for the sofa I could make a coat, right? Hmmm There's been a lot to learn, but having the clothes that I really want has made all the work well worth it. I now turn up my nose at the likes of Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. I AM my own luxury brand!

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13 comments… add one

  • this looks so dashing on you! congrats on a great project!!

  • Wow! Great work! Rawr!

  • Fabulous!

  • What wrongheaded people say “ick” to safari jackets? I love them! I think you did just the right things to make it less Lee-Majors-in-L.A. and more Clark-Gable-in-Mogambo. That’s never a bad thing.

  • Looks like a lot of work—and totally worth it. I love safari jackets and yours looks really great. Kudos.

  • Great work! I love your version of the safari jacket.

  • Beautiful!! I liked the details :)

  • Wow, gorgeous jacket for a handsome man.

  • Your husband looks like he is going to find the next great archaeological find of the century. Good work!

  • I loved the way this turned out. You did a tremendous job, and that gentleman looks mighty fetching in it :)

  • I certainly don’t say “ick” when I hear safari suit – I love them.

    Yours looks fab…where with pride :-)

    BTW – It is lovely to see some men posting here.

  • love the contrast undercollar as well!

  • This is AMAZING! I’ve actually been looking for safari jacket patterns for the last couple of weeks for my hubs. He would LOVE this. So great!!


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