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Hi we all know how difficult it is to get good quality vintage dress fabrics in any length long enough to make something …but the sun shone on me yesterday and a lady mentioned she had some fabric in her loft from her mother who used to be a westend eamstress….of course my eyes lit up…and i went along to her house…well long story short i came away with four laundry bags of silks,wools and linens…lovely fabrics mostly from the 7os and 80s but good vintagey patterns for 40s to 60s .i cant wait to get started …but where to start? Watch this space :))

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I teach the technical side of costume for performance at london college of fashion.i collect and sell vintage sewing equipment and i make on of garments for clients using vintage patterns,notions and fabric where possble. I also love an oppertunity to dress up in vintage at any excuse which i have been doing for 40 years...

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  • WOW…what a score!!!

    I love hearing those words “I have some old fabric/notions/patterns…. would you like them?”

    • sorry ive only just got back on here , im still trying to figure out how to post or read replys…Paris meg i would of course love anything you dont need
      and im sure we can meet up when you come to london 🙂

  • Yes please.:)) but i did pay her for them but she was very kind and would’nt
    Charge me much really 🙂 i just have to make sure i pass on what i can’t use.

  • I read your profile…I am going on a study tour to Europe in September – I think we are scheduled to attend the London College of Fashion 🙂

    • Ohh i hope you get to come to the costume dept at shepherds bush
      you could come and say hello to me and my lovely students :))

  • Will let you know 🙂 I am studying fashion design (2nd year) but would love to do costume design…I love costumes – not just the style I like wearing – I hope we can come to you. I don’t have my itinerary yet.

    BTW – Yesterday, I got a text saying “please ring ………. she has some old sewing patterns for you”. This woman had seen my article in the paper and rang the paper. I was given several 50s vogue patterns, knitting supplements from 60s/70s, and lots of vintage buttons – WOW!!!

  • I am green with jealousy and have to stop reading NOW – fabulous when this sort of thing happens but with today’s throw away society it is happening less and less – looking forward to seeing what you make. X


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