The 1994 Dress

Hi Sew-Retro

I’m a long time reader first time poster! This is the first time in about a year that I have sewn a ‘vintage’ pattern, not that 1994 is particularly retro, but I think the result looks pretty 1950’s-ish

Anyway, the pattern –



and the finished dress (after many pattern alterations)


The full story of this make is on my blog –

Happy Sewing

Rachel-Lou x


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  • Looks great. It just shows things come back in fashion.
    I’ve got a few patterns from the 90’s knocking around…might try using them.

  • Hehehe, I totally have this pattern too! Given to me in a huge group of quirky late 80s/early 90s patterns. I love the way you’ve interpretted it.


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