Lutterloh 40s skirt

April 9, 2012

A while ago I bought a Lutterloh pattern book dating back to 1941. The book contains miniature patterns which you have resize to your own size using a special ruler with a scale. Because I’m new to this system I decided to start with something ‘easy’.  I choose a plaided skirt.


When I finshed rescaling the pattern, the darts came out big, very big. I was doubting if it would turn out good, but I checked everything so it should be fine.  When the skirt was ready for a first fit the darts looked really ugly because they were so big. I changed the darts making them smaller. This way the fitted my body way better. I had to take in the side seams as well, But after alll, I’m quite content with the result. The skirt is lined and hem is hand sewn with a invisible stitch. I had some labric left and thought it would be fun to make a matching bow.

Although it’s a 40s skirt, I styled it more 50s like, being inspired with the secretaries from Mad Men

Question: Are you familiar with the Lutterloh system? I would like to get some advice about rescaling the patterns. I definitely did something wrong. I could fix this, but it took a lot of time.




  1. I’m not at all familiar with the Lutterloh system, but I am very interested and might have to investigate now! I love the skirt you’ve made! The fabric is wonderful, and the way you’ve styled it, with the bow, Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Lutterloh has great vintage pattern but the system can be a challenge i think. With more experience and practice it will probably be easier, at least I hope.

  2. Well, once I attended to a class using this sistem, in fact, was something like to catch our attention saying they were offering “free sewing lessons” and then they showed us how that works and sold us the rulers and gave us a pattern, I just did one thing and never have tryed to do something else.

  3. Lutterloh patterns do not necessarily fit the waist, that’s one area that will always have to be adjusted. The bust and hip measurements relate to the frame of the body but the waist is so variable. Those darts do look huge, but that’s probably a 40s thing. If you were pear shaped it probably would have fit well. Lutterloh patterns do not include the seam allowance. If there is a greater difference than 6cm between your bust and hip measurements, then the numbers above the center line of the cross should be made with the bust number and the numbers even with and below the center line of the cross would be made with your hip measurement. Start with the number on the right and make your dots in a counterclockwise circle. There is also a helpful website, http://sewingnhumming DOT blogspot DOT ca/

    1. Thank you so much for your answer! It’s good to know that the waist is variable. At least it wasn’t a complete failure. I don’t have a very curvy figure so I will keep that in mind drafting another Lutterloh pattern.

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