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Last chance to enter the Sense & Sensibility giveaway + opportunity to participate in research for book on vintage fit

Don’t you just love my catchy and succinct titles.

Last chance to enter giveaway

Our Sense and Sensbility Patterns giveaway closes tomorrow, so if you have not yet picked out which gorgeous e-pattern you want, gratis, curtesy of Jennie at Sense and Sensibility Patterns, now is the time. Two winners will be picked at random, so you’ve got double chances to win! Head over to this post before it’s too late


Help with book research

In completely unrelated news, if you woke up this morning thinking to yourself “Hmm. I would really like to help out an Australian journalist writing a non-fiction book called ‘Out of Shape’ (scheduled for publication in March 2013 through Affirm Press) which examines the histories and cultures of clothing fit and size” then once again I have silently anticipated your needs.

Journalist Mel has a brief 10 question survey for people who sew from vintage patterns. You can participate anonymously or leave your name at the end of the survey to receive credit in the book. If interested, you can take the survey by clicking here.

About the author: I’m the editor at WeSewRetro so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any problems or questions. In addition to keeping the good ship WeSewRetro afloat, I do an amateurish but enthusiastic job of raising a couple of girls, faff around with computers in my day job, and study for a masters in literature at night. Somewhere amongst all that, I like to sew.

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