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I’ve been reading the sew retro blog for a little while now…and thought as I’m sewing my first ever vintage pattern I should take the plunge and sign up.

I love reading everyone’s posts and getting inspiration from the dresses etc. that are posted. I hope my future posts will be as interesting and useful.

I have a blog… well actually I have two but ones dance related…(if you are interested there’s a link to that one on my sewing and craft blog).

I’ve always been ‘retro’ without actually realizing it…its only recently I’ve made a concerted effort to sew my own garments after taking part in a sew along boosted my confidence that I might actually be able to do it. Since my first dress, I’ve sewn 1 blouse, one shirt, 1 skirt..I have quite a few projects vintage inspired of course that I hope to share in the future.


As Jessamyn asked this is the vintage pattern I’m sewing.

Style 2516

• Meet the Author • LadyD

I've always hand sewn but never created garments until recently. I love the retro/vintage style. Its so much more stylish and flattering than modern stuff. For my dancing escapades and folk music For sewing, craft and general blog

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  • Welcome! So…….what’s this vintage project you’re sewing? How about a look at the pattern?

    • Thanks for the welcome.
      I hope to cover that in my next post. Been taking pics as I go. Its ‘Style 2516’…a blouse pattern from the 70’s that my mum sewed when she was about my age.

  • Welcome! nice pattern

    • Thanks :)
      I’m finding it surprisingly simple to sew…although I haven’t got to the tricky bit…the sleeves. I’ve had a run of mini disasters with sleeves. Including being too small and sewing one on backwards.

  • You’re not a real seamstress until you’ve sewn a sleeve in backward, unpicked it, and then sewn it in backward AGAIN. Not that I’d know anything about that…ahem…

    • I sewed it in backwards ran out of time to unpick and resew…so its stayed as is…seems like its only me that notices its wrong. lol!


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