And the winner is…

April 22, 2012

It’s time to announce the winner of the Edelweiss Patterns giveaway. Huzzah!

Our lucky winner is:

Congratulations Elizabeth! Go check your email! ­čÖé


As a sidenote, if anyone has experience removing Sharpie ink from leather, let’s talk. I have successfully removed the Sharpie scribbles from the toddler’s face, hands, knees and feet but the 9ft doodle on my couch remains. I’m also looking to borrow some form of┬ámedieval┬átorture device for whoever let her get hold of a permanent marker ­čśÉ

  1. eHow recommends either rubbing alcohol

    or spray-on sunblock

    I’ve also had mixed results from commercial ink removers, such as Carbona Stain Devils “Ink & Crayon” (sold in my local grocery store). Mixed as in worked on one stain, not on another. I’m sure it depends on the solvent in the ink.

    You might want to try making a sharpie mark in an inconspicuous place on the couch for testing purposes, since sometimes the cure is worse than the disease in these cases! Oddly, sometimes ink on leather will just sort of soak in over time – or maybe it’s gradually rubbing off on everyone else, I’m not sure which…

  2. Hi, before you try any cleaner or solvent, try a dry erase marker. I’m not kidding. Go over the mark on the leather with a dry erase marker, then “erase” with a cloth or your finger. I’ve never tried it on leather, but it works on glass, plastic, wood, I even scribbled on my laptop screen with a sharpie once to prove to a doubter that it works.

  3. If ethanol is suggested, you might try isopropanol, as many markers are more soluble in isopropanol. However, test a hidden spot on the leather first to make sure that you don’t further stain/damage the leather.

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