Action Shots :-)

I just wanted to post very quickly to share some action shots of the poodle skirt I posted last week. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and feedback! And I know that several of you were interested in the mechanics of dancing in it, so…

This is how awesome your spins could be:

Like Erika said, this isn’t your every day swing dancing type of skirt, but so much fun for every once in a while!

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  • It looks great! I’m curious to know though, what is the difference between a circle skirt and a poodle skirt? is it just the length that makes it a poodle?

    • A poodle skirt is a type of circle skirt – I’m not an expert on these matters, but my understanding is that the most defining characteristic of a poodle skirt is that it’s made with felt and has some type of decoration (like an applique).


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