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50s inspired blouse

April 30, 2012

Finally I finished one of my sewing projects! Well, what can I write about it? I used a modern pattern which I altered. This is actually my third blouse using this pattern. If you want to see the other blouses click here and here. I added a bow, a slightly bigger one then in one of the other blouses. And I added a puffed sleeve. The circle skirt I made a couple of months ago. Underneath I wear a petticoat which I made myself as well.

 The fabric is the most slippery fabric I ever used. Its a slightly sheer polyester. Normally I try to avoid synthetic fabric as much as I can, but this time was an exception. A while ago, I got lots of fabric from my mother in law. This one is from that stash. And I fell in love with the print. Really, I couldn’t resist! I knew immediately that this fabric would be perfect for a 50s inspired blouse.

Cutting and sewing the fabric was quite a challenge. Not only the slipperyness (is that a real word??) but also the pins and needles I used left little holes in the fabric. This means when something went wrong I couldn’t redo it all the time, because it would show the little holes.

(Somehow my lettertype changed half way my blog and I’m unable to change it)

I hope you like it!

  1. The blouse is cute and the skirt is even more fab! They look lovely together. My mother in law also constantly gives me fabric! It’s pretty exciting because you never know what you’ll find.

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