simplicity 5408: a refreshing pop of yellow on an (almost) summer day

i actually made this dress over two years ago, let it hang for a while, finished it in a mono-induced spurt of productivity, and then hated on it for another year.  while it’s adorable, and i love the original pattern, i couldn’t make it quite click for me.  also, now that i know from a moulage, the back doesn’t fit comfortably and that bothers me.

fortunately, a nice, matching belt from pat’s seemed to work out all of those kinks.  and it was almost 90F yesterday in NYC.  in APRIL.  that demands a summer dress, wouldn’t you say?

also, now that i have found the most amazing sweater-shrug EVER, i had something to wear over this little sleeveless specimen so that i could not die of hyopthermia in my office.  am i the only one with this problem?  sometimes, in august, when i am wearing a wool cardigan and sitting under a blanket, i am pretty sure i am. and the cardigans get old fast, especially when a little shrug that hits right at the natural waist is a much more flattering option…


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  • Love the contrast on inside of front pleat!
    The shrug makes it so practical, too.
    Thanks for not giving up!

  • Simply stunning! I love the contrast floral, too.

    • D’ellis, allthepreciousthings, the contrast is the kind of detail that makes making your own garments totally worthwhile, don’t you think?

      • Agreed, puu! Also agree with Ange that I’ll sit on things seemingly fore-ver before giving them a go. Shrugs are something I haven’t tied, but they do flatter 100% more than a cardi, so will start looking at re-arranging some appropriate pattern. Spot on!

  • Yes, I love the contrasting inside front pleat too! Such a nice idea.

    I love seeing these styles on real people, I sit on them for ages before I give them a go. Actually very flattering.

    Here’s to many more summer frocks! I’m getting ready for winter here…

    • now that i know better how i want to fit this dress, it will be making repeat performances for sure!

  • I like the dress. Especially the contrasting panel.
    And I too wear jumpers/am cold in the summer and only if its really hot do I not wear at least a cardigan over a summer dress.

  • Just love it!!

  • If anyone wants to try this style using a modern multi-size pattern, the new Simplicity 1797 has a similar skirt.


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