The “Cocoa Beach Shirt” — my first post here


 Thanks to Katherine for inviting me to post here.  I’m truly flattered, not to mention amazed that anyone pays attention to what happens on my silly little blog.  I’m one of those guys who sews.  The challenge and the sense of accomplishment that I get propels me from project to project.  Plus I get the bonus of clothes that I really love to wear!  

I totally fell in love with this pattern when I stumbled upon it.  I believe it’s from Sassy Cotton on Etsy.  It dates from 1964 and has some great details.  The back pleats extend from the yoke to the hem where there’s a great button detail.  There are also little button tabs on the short sleeves.  Someone mentioned that this is a shirt that Ken would wear.  That totally nails it! 


 The fabric is a cotton voile from Denver Fabrics.  It has a crisp, almost linen like feel to it.  I love the color way.  Olive green, orange, dijon yellow, slate blue, pale sage.  The blocky pattern really accentuates the boxiness of the design.  Now if it would only stop snowing and be summer!  

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I'm another one of those guys who sew. It all started with shopping for a winter coat. I was so turned off the the sea of black that's out there for men. I figured if I could make a slipcover for the sofa I could make a coat, right? Hmmm There's been a lot to learn, but having the clothes that I really want has made all the work well worth it. I now turn up my nose at the likes of Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. I AM my own luxury brand!

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  • Yay! So glad you’re here – I’m a huge fan of your blog 😀

  • i love it, and great to see one of the “men of the cloth” sharing projects here!

  • Cool pattern, great fabric!

  • Your shirt is wonderful. Your blog is wonderful! What a great addition to We Sew Retro!

  • Nice! I too believe that Ken would wear this shirt. 😉

  • Yay! Good to see you here — huge fan of your blog! Don’t stop!

  • THAT is the coolest shirt I’ve ever seen, period!

  • Wonderful shirt and love the coat you made too!


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