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March 6, 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled vintage sewing awesomeness for a little reminder about our posting policy

If you haven’t read it, please click and check it out because getting out a metaphorical baseball bat and breaking some metaphorical knees is no fun. Real bats and real knees? Hours of entertainment. Metaphorical bats and knees? Not so much.

Readers, don’t forget the important role you play in shaping the site. When you see an awesome post, reward it with a comment….then you’ll be more likely to see similarly awesome posts.

I have used the word awesome too many times here.

As always, suggestions, feedback, complaints, praise and dirty limericks are welcome. Hit me up at katherine at if you don’t want to speak publicly.

  1. I visit this site alomost every day, I like to comment and you’re right, I’ve seen several post with no comments 🙁

  2. Many of the posts seem to be intended to drive traffic to personal blogs, as you’ve mentioned in your policy. Just a guess, but the comments probably end up at those blogs, after the entire story is read, photos viewed, etc. I know when I’ve followed a link to a blog to find “the rest of the story” (to borrow from the late Paul Harvey), I don’t usually think to go back and post a comment at I’ll try to be mindful, though, of commenting especially on those posts that provide information and delicious details, and not just links to blogs. People who contribute should be rewarded.

      1. I just read this again and realized it’s not clear what I mean. Let me rephrase:

        Taking a blog post from your own blog and posting a shortened version of that post here is not a problem.

        We start getting onto shaky ground when posts become nothing more than a link to another blog (you’re not likely to have seen many of these because they tend to be from new members whose first post goes into a moderation queue, so they’ve been addressed behind the scenes).

        Readers here should be able to see at least enough information to be able to decide whether we’re interested in learning more or not. It’s a balancing act, and I definitely appreciate everyone’s efforts 🙂

        Let me stress that anyone who has fallen foul of this policy has been contacted privately. I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the policy preemptively and throw in a reminder that you guys really do get to control the future of the site – reward what you love and you’ll see more of it 😀

  3. i’ve definitely struggled with this since i started my own blog. it can feel repetitive to post the same entire post twice, and it can also feel difficult to come up with a new post. i strive to have a balance, but i definitely sympathize more than i might have a year ago!

  4. Confession time: whenever a post has just a teaser and a “click here to see more,” I never ever ever click. I’m here for the pretty dresses, thank you, and I’ll be jiggered if I’m going to put in more effort than is strictly speaking necessary.

  5. …I tend to make my post here shorter than my own blog posts, and have a ‘if you want to see more..’ link, partly because I don’t want to share 20 photos here!

    I also enjoy visiting other sewers blogs, partly that is the attraction for me, I LOVE being part of this community, and discovering other sewers blogs all adds to the fun, though I tend to come here first for my fix 🙂

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