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March 18, 2012

So my New Years resolution was to make one thing a month for myself (and post it on here of course!). Unfortunately this is only my first post this year – which means that I have a little bit of catching up to do.

I made this 1950’s inspired dress from some beautiful cotton fabric that my husband brought back for me from Mexico. I absolutely love the colours and although it’s been a pretty wet and mild summer over here I thought it was just calling to be made into a sundress. The pattern is something I drafted myself. Originally I wanted something very simple so that the fabric was the feature of the dress however I’m not very good at keeping things simple so I went for a cut-out and tie-up back.

To avoid having to wear a bra with this I inserted bra cups between the bodice and lining. I have never done this before and let me tell you it is something that I will do to all my strappy dresses in the future. It’s very easy to do and so much more comfortable than wearing a strapless bra. Plus no accidental straps slipping out (maybe I’m just old fashioned but I HATE my bra straps showing).

For all you Sydneysiders interested this photo was taken at the Rock n’ Roll markets in Tempe. It’s a great day out full with live music, all things rockabilly and many stalls. I haven’t been in about a year but will be at the next one for sure.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. It’s so pretty! I like simple with a little detail, so I really like the tie in the back. I’d love to hear more about putting the bra cups in! I’ll have to look up a tutorial.

  2. wow that is sooo stunning! love the fabric and the colour and the design. Are you wearing a petticoat or is it sitting out so beautifully on its own? How lucky you are to have a husband that buys you fabric for a gift.. it would never cross my hubby’s mind!

  3. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! To answer your questions:

    Yes there is a rather large petticoat underneath this dress to help it sit out nicely.

    As for the bra cups – this is something I just decided to do. I’m sure there’s a proper way to do it but I just made it up as I went along. First point was to make sure I did the fitting of the toile with the bra cups just sitting on my body so I got the right shape. I always line my dresses to the waist (in cotton for summer). After attaching the lining to the bodice at the neck and armholes I tacked the bra cups to the lining where they seemed to fit best. I then tried the dress on and adjusted slightly the position of the cups. I then just machined the cups to the lining. I attached the lining to the bodice at the side seams to help keep the lining in place then I finished the dress as I normally would.

    So I hope that might explain a little of my process (if I haven’t just confused you!) I think it was a lot easier to do than my description. I will try and remember to take photos next time I am using this method so that I can show you properly.

  4. Your dress is great – love the fabric. I went to those markets on Sunday and had a great time. Scored a couple of bargains too! It was great to see the ladies from Bexterity – must get to their shop soon – and Pia Anderson had a stall there too. I recognised a few people who are always at the 50s Fair at Seidler House too. A great day out – where else can you dance to live bands in the daytime?

  5. This dress is gorgeous! I love the idea of inserting bra cups between the lining and fabric. I hate having to fuss with straps too! Fantastic job with this!

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