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March 31, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I’m a long time reader and want to thank you all for posting your amazing creations. They have been a major inspiration in my sewing adventures.  I have been sewing for about a year and now think I’m finally get the hang of the basics.

I hate for my first post to be a question and will post about a few of the dresses I have made next, but I saw the most amazing dress from Dangerfield


Problem is that it doesn’t come in my size, so I’m hoping to make a copy for myself.

I found l butterick B5603



But this was a close as I came, and it’s mostly just the waist and lower bust that are the same. Does anyone know of a pattern or two I can use to recreate this lovely 40’s ish dress?

  1. What a lovely dress! I really love the pleating detail on the bust. I feel like I’ve seen a pattern really similar to this but I can’t remember where… It was probably while I was browsing vintage patterns.
    So I think it depends on exactly which details you really want. As lovely as the butterick pattern is, the dress you’re looking at has a mid-riff panel with a pleated skirt.
    The top part appears to be kimono style sleeves and the closest pattern I can think of is Colette Patterns Sencha. You’d have to add the pleats yourself but I honestly don’t think it would be too difficult.

  2. Check out Vogue 8728. The top — including the sleeves — is really almost identical. You’ll just have to take out the gathers and add pleats to the upper front bodice. The skirt is the same — take out the gathers for a fitted look and add pleats. Good luck!

  3. I actually just sewed the yellow dress on the front of this pattern! It will be my easter dress. (: I found the pattern at Hancock Fabrics. It’s also available at Joann’s. (:

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