Sewing Like a Champ

hey guys and gals!
it’s been a little while since i posted, so i just wanted to share a few new things i’ve been working on between bigger projects! i’ve been sewing like a CHAMP lately!

i made this little dress from simplicity 4637- a pattern i’ve used a few times before, to make my st. patty’s day dress this year:

it’s not green green, but it’s green enough not to get pinched! plus, since it’s nautical themed, i will wear this ALL OF THE TIME!

i also made this little yellow lace dress to wear on a birthday dinner date with my boyfriend’s family. it is from advance 9825.

this little skirt is from butterick 9633…. but the best part about this is the ribbon!

i got the ribbon at a whole sale flower market for CRAZY cheap– super deal of the spring!

and lastly, here is this amazing skirt i just made from an old men’s shirt! it only took about 20 minutes to make, and i am SO summer ready!

so, like always, more on my blog including a few more garments! happy sewing!

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i live in san antonio-- deep in the heart of texas! i've been sewing for about 10 years with experience as a professional tailor. i have a killer vintage pattern collection and some mad, mad skills...

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  • Okay, I realize I’m outing my self as a total geek, but I just had to go over to your blog to get a closer look at the book shelves in the background. I think I recognize some of the spines even though I can’t quite read the titles.

    (I also liked the dresses! And especially that skirt made from the shirt.)


  • haha, that book shelf was part of a compromise when i moved into my house with my boyfriend! i get the second bedroom as a sewing room, but he got one entire wall for his MASSIVE scifi book collection! i can’t even tell you how many books he has! he even built those shelves to a specific size so they would hold more ;)

  • You crack me up, Christine. All quiet and then suddenly DRESSESDRESSESDRESSES :D

  • nothing like a good ol’ dress sneek attack!

  • wow they look great!
    This why I want to learn to sew clothes


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