Blueprints of Fashion

I discovered something interesting today: Pattern History Hero™ Wade Laboissoniere has an etsy store where he’s thinning out his vintage pattern collection (plus the amazing store posters pictured here)

Wade scoffs at me calling him a hero, but he’s written two of the most valuable books for vintage pattern nerds like you and I : Blueprints of Fashion: Home Sewing Patterns of the 1940s and Blueprints of Fashion: Home Sewing Patterns of the 1950s

All the pattern sellers are nodding along in agreement at this point. They are the bible of vintage patterns for those decades – chock full of amazing images, dates and history. If you’ve never seen them, check them out next time you’re at the library – I guarantee you’ll want your own copies because they are fascinating to flick through.

You can find his etsy store here. [SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE] Buy me all of his posters [/SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE]

Most importantly, I encourage everyone to join me in badgering him to write more editions of the Blueprints of Fashion series because we want, nay, need one on the 1930s (and I wouldn’t say no to the 20s or 60s either).

Come on Wade! We’re junkies waiting for our next fix! We’ll even help source all the envelope images, won’t we, guys?

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  • I love his books and I totally agree that he needs to write a 30s book, AND a 20s book!

  • I agree, I have the 40’s book which is fantastic. I must get hold of the 50’s one and yes, we definitely need more – please!

  • Oh! Thanks, Katherine, I’d noticed those posters.. Wade is too modest keeping silent about his books in his profile. I have both books, and hinted to him about a Thirties volume a while back. But I get the sense that he’s quite busy. Maybe he could use an assistant ;)

  • Those books are fantastic – I’m about halfway through the 1940’s one at the moment. Fingers crossed he makes a 1930’s one!!


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