The Job Interview Dress

I’ve been a jobless, stay-at-home seamstress for the last several months. It’s really hard to get a job as an American here in Norway and my best options have been grocery clerk or waiting tables… not exactly easy to swallow when I’ve worked so hard for my (apparently useless) education.
I’ve been sewing this dress for good job interview juju. In other words, build it and they will come. Sew the dress and get the interview.

Well, as I was sewing in the armhole facing, I got a call for an interview. This is HUGE. For every 50 jobs I’ve applied for, I’ve heard back on 2. It’s weird being the immigrant, so to speak, in a country where they want to hire locals. Today was my interview, a scant 12 hours after I finished getting the hem in this little baby.

So this morning I threw the dress on, along with my lucky underwear and my lucky high heels and off I went. Well, first, I took photos.

Now, this isn’t the pose I struck for the interview, just so you know. That’s not how a girl should get a job. In the interview, I looked more like this:

You can read more about the dress, the interview and see pictures at my blog A Few Threads Loose.

Happy weekend everyone!

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I'm just a military wife who is crazy about sewing, crazy about vintage lingerie, and REALLY crazy about sewing vintage lingerie.

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  • Oh!! that dress is so so beautiful!! love the color! what pattern did you use? I hope they hire you!

  • I love it! I’m going to go check our your blog now! LOL 🙂

  • BRAVO!!! Good luck on the job—- with such a smashing dress you should run the world! Excellent job!

  • Gorgeous! That’s definitely a good luck dress 🙂

  • Looking fab! Good luck! I had a miserable experience jobhunting when I first moved to the States so I know how you feel. Keep your chin up, lady 🙂

  • What a stunning dress! I hope the interview went really well 😀

  • Woho!! another Norwegian (so to speak ;)) its not easy getting a job in Norway ingeneral, believe me. good luck:)

    love the dress 🙂


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