Simplicity 5566 – 70’s Sailor Dress

Hi everyone, this is my first post to We Sew Retro, though I have been lurking and commenting. I’ve been sewing for about 35 years. Recently, I’ve been more able to devote time to sewing. Over the past year, I’ve discovered a whole world of sewing blogs, including this one, and I started one of my own (

I’ve always wanted to do some retro sewing, though I almost hate to call it that because some of the patterns I already own in my stash qualify! So, for my first post, consider Simplicity 5566.

I completed this pattern over a course of a couple of weeks, though I always feel slow when I read about the sheer volumes of wonderful clothes created by all of you! Here’s a picture of my completed dress. For more details on it’s creation, please visit my blog!

Nice to meet you all!

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  • Welcome, Dee! We’re glad too have you :D

    Love the collar on this…very sweet!

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