Oh bandana!

This one isn’t exactly a sewing project, but I thought I’d still share it with you guys. It does include some little sewing. And gluing and tying. It’s a simple bandana look-a-like  headband!

This is a great solution for those who (like me) used to spend hours and hours trying to tie a bandana properly having their hair down, without succeeding. Don’t you just love the result? I know I do.

More in my blog, Needles and roses

Love, Anni xx

• Meet the Author • Anni

Vintage-lover, day dreamer, crafty soul. Finnish girl who lives in London, misses her loved ones and is a sucker for old school tattoos. Loves new experiences, has a never ending to-do list and likes desserts (and making them) more than she should.

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6 comments… add one

  • love this idea! it would also look great with a silk scarf

  • But…but…but… your blog doesn’t give instructions – do you just cut and glue? Any tips?

    • Karen, I’m about to post a tutorial to my blog, stay tuned! Silk scarf sounds like a fabulous idea! :)

  • I love this idea, I have the same problem the bandana always lifts my hair at the back making it stick out, but this would defo solve that, must give it ago! Thanks!

  • ok Anni I will check back! thank you!

  • Been making these forever!


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