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February 15, 2012

I have been playing catch up over at my blog, as I have been doing far more sewing, sewing related craft projects, and machine maintenance and rehab then blogging. I just posted up pics of 8 sewing projects I have (mostly) completed. These are without my usual 10 page paper relaying details of construction and such, because I wanted to get them all out there.

Here are a couple of pics.

Simplicity 6473 in 2011

Copyright 1980, it is only just as vintage as I am.
Some of my pics are pretty bad, but I could have posted this one….
Oh, wait, I just did.
I made these as well as a few garments from other vintage and modern patterns, and I at least said whether I liked or disliked the finished product.
I also bought ANOTHER vintage sewing machine-
 I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and although it needed a little tuning up when I received it, it now sews a perfect stitch. This was a fun project, and I learned so much- I even took apart and cleaned the motor! Girls rule!
Finally, to keep my faithful Kenmore from getting jealous, I gave her ugly old case a dream make over.
Don’t worry, no patterns were harmed in the making of this case. The tissue is mostly from an ugly modern vest pattern, and cover art is reprinted from the Vintage Pattern Wiki. I used a couple of stray pieces that I pulled out of vintage patterns during counting- an extra back neck facing piece here or there, but nothing usable.
There is a little more about all of these subjects on my blog, as well as a free vintage scalloped apron pattern pdf that I shared as part of Debi’s Sew Grateful Week. Seeing as all of your inspiration and Sew Retro are things I am grateful for, I thought I’d share it here too!
Thanks again all!

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