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How do fellow vintage sewers and crafters, i thought it was time to stop stalking the vintage sewing blogs and actually participate a bit, in a hope that it will make me continue to tackle my ever growing sewing project pile. My sewing skill is beginner/shitty intermediate and have completed a few projects but patterns can make me feel a tad dyslexic. Im certifiably insane about everything 1940’s and 50’s and am hoping to create a wardrobe around these impecible eras. enough jabbering, here is a snood i made last year with the help of a you tube video :p

Thank you to everyone on wesewretro for inspiring me and making it look so bloody easy that ive given it a go.xoxox




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  • Hahahah. As someone born in Blackpool, it warms my cockles to see someone use “how do” in print. Ay up chuck! 😀

  • I love the term “shitty intermediate.” I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe my skill level and I think you’ve just solved the problem.

  • I loved how you said about your sewing skills! Welcome to this community, I guess many of us started like this , just reading everyday the blog and one day decided to participate.


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