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Happy Mardi Gras! My Victorian Lobster for Your Viewing Pleasure

February 21, 2012

It’s officially Mardi Gras day down here in the Crecent City. I made this piece for a solo costume show last season. I was so slammed this year with costume commissions that I neglected to make a costume for myself this year. This is still one of my favorites in my collection. It was one of those pieces that kicked around my head for years before I finally actualized it. I made everything but her pasties, shoes, and wig. The chemise is based off a 70’s peasant blouse pattern. The under bustle and under-bust corset (greatly altered) are both based on Past Patters patterns. The bustle skirt I made sans pattern. It was one of those “make it happen” creations. Everything but the corset are silks. My beautiful friend Oops models it in these pics.

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  1. I love it! Its such a fun outfit for mardi gras!! Nice work! I especially love that you just made the skirt happen. Jealous!

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