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Do you make your own underwear?

February 20, 2012

I do, now!


What with the Seamless pledge and all, I’ve been trying to make everything in my wardrobe, from the inside out, so I figured it was time to tackle underpants.  I drafted them up from Natalie Bray’s More Dress Pattern Designing, which calls them “pilch knickers”–I’m not sure why.   These days, most (if not all) of the clothes I wear on any given day are me-made, and I draft everything to fit at my high waist, so it’s actually a relief getting that one last layer in line with the rest.


More details over here at my blog.  🙂


Do any of you make all your own clothes?  Bras still elude me, unfortunately, though I’ve got several experimental projects in the pipeline that I’m hoping will fix that.  I’d love to be All Me Made All the Time someday.  Anybody else on that road with me?

  1. The plan is to make all of my own clothes, but I dare not say that I actually do make my own clothes because it’s only been a year since I started and I am a very frugal sewer/shopper.

    I have not bought a single piece of clothing since I started sewing and knitting again, but that doesn’t mean that my wardrobe is now full of me-made clothes. My bras are now all several years old, however, and the elastic is snapping… and my pants are also looking pretty worn out, so I’ve just branched out into sewing bras, and after I get that down (it’s the more pressing issue) I’ll move onto pants.

  2. Those are a really nice shape, though I’ve never heard the term pilch knickers before either!

    I think I’m probably about 50/50 made to bought clothes now. I wear a lot of bought tshirts for days slouching around the house, but have quite a few made blouses for prettier days. I’m down to just 2 pairs of bought jeans, and since the shop where I normally buy them has changed the fit (I’m a really awkward shape on bottom) these will likely be my last once they wear out. Skirts are all me-made. I have yet to master bra-making, but do have a couple of patterns waiting to test.

  3. I make all of my clothes except socks and pantyhose. I’ve been making my own lingerie for 10 years now and clothes for about 25 years. Sometimes I buy a cardigan but very seldom.

  4. I don’t make ALL of my own clothes. I would never get anything else done and would probably go broke ( I am an absolute, unapologetic, fabric snob). But I do make all my own panties. I realized last year they are worse than socks for getting lost in the wash. I vowed then never to buy another pair again. They are so easy to make!

  5. @Time and again: ah, that makes sense. It feels weird wearing something named after baby underwear.

    @everybody: this is heartening! I’m getting a real rush out of self-sufficiency lately. I find that I take better care of my clothes when they’re homemade–I’m more willing to hand-wash or just air them, for instance, which means I can wear them more often–and I also feel much less pressure not to repeat outfits. It’s a good feeling.

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